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The 30 most beautiful, most talked-about, most successful women of the year.



THE HOT 30 OF 2007


Sienna had a pretty breakout year especially in North America, although portraying Edie Sedgwick in a film and doing so half naked for most of it doesn't hurt either. She may have been born here but American audiences were not really aware of this amazing British export. Keep your eyes on her this year boys as Sienna has landed a role in the new film adaptation of G.I.Joe and will also bare all again in her upcoming film Hippie Hippie Shake.



One of the hottest models I've ever seen, Abigail came to fame on reality tv shows like "Britain's Next Top Model" and "Kitchen Nightmares". She's also engaged to one of the goofiest looking men in English soccer, Peter Crouch. Her modeling career sky rocketed this year and turned some heads on an international scale.

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I know, I know, but don't worry this is not a list of the 30 hottest British women but Keeley is just a little too beautiful to leave off of it. Keeley gained an even bigger stronghold on the world of men this year. Not only does she have the nicest rack in the world, but she's not exactly conservative about showing it off. Practically every project she's involved in she displays those amazing union jacks. She even had a small role in the film Cashback this year where she played a naked girl who stood very still. I know it must have been a stretch for her to pull off but Keeley is just that talented.

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Not all together a successful year for Jessica but it's almost impossible to leave her off of a list like this. Her movie Blonde Ambition tanked royally at the box office, but she's hot enough to surpass this failure. People had more fun trying to figure out who she was dating. Everyone from John Mayer to Tony Romo. Then there was the scandal of her distracting Tony Romo during a game. Any woman hot enough to distract a professional quarterback during an NFL game deserves to be on this list.


Want a chance at being on the Digitalminx Hot 30? Just get yourself photographed in a bikini on the beach multiple times throughout the year. Want to for sure be on the Digitalminx Hot 30? Do it topless.

Kelly Brook followed the above advice and it worked for her. Having the biggest pair of natural breasts in the world doesn't hurt either. She didn't gain any momentum in her acting career this year but she did have new pictures of herself plastered all over the internet every week.

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She actually starred in a few films this year, no one saw them but she was there. But none of that matters. Ali's hotness has helped make "Heroes" one of the most popular shows on tv, and boosted her stardom way beyond anything a film has done for her lately. Hopefully the success of the show will help her finally nab some lead film roles, because it never hurts to have a little more Ali.

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Most people had probably never heard of Blake until a little tv show called "Gossip Girl" came out in September. The show has become a minor hit with a growing cult following. Blake is without a doubt the major star of the show not only is she incredibly beautiful but she has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard.


Heather had a big come back year after falling off the face of the earth for a few years. She came back in a big way, not in big budget studio films but in small indies pictures that had her exploring her lesbian side more than once. Heather locked lips with fellow hottie Bridget Moynahan in Gray Matters and again in Broken. She even had a pretty intense sex scene in the film Adrift In Manhatten. I can't wait to see where she goes in 2008...


A lot of you may still be unfamiliar with the hotness of Sarah Carter. She first caught my eye in a reoccurring role on "Smallville" a few years ago and recently on the tv show "Shark". However, nothing could have prepared me for the spectacle that was DOA: Dead Or Alive. The straight to video film was at one time meant for theaters and had it been a better movie it might have made it. In the film Sarah's hard body is on display in a variety of tight outfits but it's in the bikini where she works her magic. She's not alone either, fellow hotties Holly Valance, Jaime Pressley and Devon Aoki also star making it one of the best worst films of the year.


She's turning 18 in a few months so I'll feel very disgusting writing anything other than god I can't wait until she turns 18. Her career again continues to build momentum with each Harry Potter film released. I'm looking forward to where she'll take her acting after potter-mania has died down. I have a suggestion for here, DOA 2????

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Her only claim to fame is being a contestant on "American Idol", well that and the incredibly sexy pics of her that were posted online during her run on the show. She looks like a young voluptuous Eva Mendes. Sadly we'll probably never hear from her again unless she releases a CD or possibly poses for Playboy. Hey, one can dream.

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This girl is famous because.... actually I have no clue why she's famous other than she' s smokin hot. I think she was on a reality show but really who cares. All I really know is that once a month a whole bunch of candids of her wondering around a beach in her bikini appear online and it's like Christmas all over again.

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Katherine Heigl had a huge year and is quickly becoming the next young star of hollywood. Not only is she on one of the most popular tv shows at the moment, "Grey's Anatomy", but one of the biggest comedies of the year Knocked Up thrust her into the spotlight. Her recent success as brought her multiple film roles so we'll be seeing a lot more of her in 2008.

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Love her or hate her Paris had a big year. She went to jail for god sake, and let me say this, she's probably one of the hottest ex-cons you'll ever see. What's on the horizon for Paris? I read an interview they other day where she states that she would like to win an oscar. Her new film The Hottie and the Nottie does look great *wink* *wink* but something tells me we're more likely to see her win an AVN award before an oscar.

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She has the personality and talent of a dead moth but god damn is she hot. She sure can move a ton of CD's as well. Her album "Best Damn Thing" sold enough copies to fill the grand canyon this year. I know I fell asleep multiple times this year still humming that &*(^$%ing girlfriend song. Let's hope we see more, not hear more of Avril in the new year.

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Another British beauty. Ryan came to fame as the new Bionic Woman on NBC. With the writers strike still in full force I'm not sure that show is even going to return but I can pray like hell. It's not a particularly amazing show but Michelle makes it more than watchable.

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What happens when they cancel your tv show? Well you just go out and join another one. That's what Kristen did this year after her cult favorite tv show "Veronica Mars" was taken off the air. Not long after she joined the cast of "Heroes" and she's never been more popular. Keep an eye out for her in films like Fanboys and Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2008.

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Three words, Black Snake Moan. Not only did Christina deliver one of the best performances of the year but she did so half naked. Other than that movie we didn't really see a whole lot of her this year. However, check her out in the Wachkowski brother's big screen Speed Racer this summer.

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Coming a pretty disappointing role in the tv flop "The Black Donnelly's" Olivia rebounded huge by joining the cast of "House." The producers and fans of the show liked her so much she may just become a permanent cast member. If you'd like to see more of Olivia check out this year's Alpha Dog where she bares all.

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Ok this was a given. Why is she not higher? Basically I'm waiting until next year when a little film titled Powder Blue comes out that supposedly features a nude Ms. Biel. Is it really true? We'll have to wait and see, but for now she's number 11.

Check out Jessica's gallery


One of the most gorgeous women working in film today. She had another big year starring in the second Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. This award season she's getting a lot of buzz for her role in Atonement. In my eyes Keira can do no wrong, although so far her only upcoming roles are two more period pieces. She must really like corsets.

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Maggie's quickly making a name for herself. This year she starred in Live Free or Die Hard and Balls of Fury which helped make her face more recognizable. She has some nice upcoming projects on the horizon. Maggie will be joining Hugh Jackman in the solo Wolverine film.

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Nothing will boost your career more than having personal naked picture of yourself show up online. I honestly had no idea who this girl was until that fateful day. Really this girl is ready to party and that's the sexiest quality a girl can have. One day she has forbidden photos of herself posted online the next she's wearing a vile of your blood around her neck.

Will she be in High School Musical 3: Senior Year? I wouldn't know because there's no way I'll be watching it but I'm sure someone will tell me.

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Jessica had another good year with films like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Good Luck Chuck and Awake. She's decided to make 2008 a "mommy" year so I look forward to her returning to this list in 2009.

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Hilary successfully went from cute blonde teenager to certified chiseled hottie. When did this happen? She came out of nowhere and bam! Not only did she have a good year in music but she also filmed about four films which will be coming out this year. She's determined to be on this list next year.

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My god, have you ever seen a hotter model in your life? I didn't think so. To be honest I'd never even seen Candice before this year, but we got to see a lot of her as new photo shoots of her popped up on the internet every week. She's the reason they invented lingerie.

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You couldn't go anywhere this year without hearing a Rhianna song. Her video for umbrella had men everywhere throwing out their viagra. I'm glad her career is just taking off because I honestly can't get enough. Just think, we still have a good 4-5 years before she ends up like Britney Spears.

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Eva had a huge year. She was the only good thing in that horrible Ghostrider film and showed us at least one breast in We Own The Night. She also had some mind blowing photo shoots in men's magazines. Keep an eye on her this year in Frank Miller's directorial debut The Spirit.

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There was one reason only to watch 2007's big blockbuster Transformers and her name is Megan Fox. One of the sexiest film roles I've ever seen, Megan helped fill the theaters for this mediocre film.

Megan is beyond hot. She reminds me of a young Angelina, and judging from her tattoos she has little to no respect for her own body. The only turn off to Megan I can't fathom is that she's engaged to Brian Austen Green. But hey, that gives hope to giant dorks everywhere.

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Hayden is not a woman she's a phenomenon. Her popularity is amazing. She went from basically a relatively unknown actress to the hottest chick on the planet overnight. She did turn 18 this year so that helped, but the male obsession with Hayden is a bit of a mystery.

She is hot and she has a sort of innocent sex appeal that men everywhere love. It also helps that she is on "Heroes" which is a total fanboy show, and when the fanboys crown a new goddess it usually sticks. New pictures of her graced the internet literally everyday. The sheer number paparazzi that follow her rival that of a small country.

I officially crown Hayden with the label of Digitalminx's hottest minx of 2007.

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