It's that time of year again! Time to vote for your favorite female celebs in a variety of different categories to determine who will take home the
coveted Minxie Award. This year simply pick the award you wish to cast a vote for and vote. You can also vote one award at a time
by clicking on "Next Award" which will take you through all of the different categories. This year you can vote as often as you want. Have fun and look for the winners to be announced in December 22nd!


01. Hottest Photo Shoot of the Year
02. Hottest Nude Photo Shoot of the Year
03. Hottest Swimwear Candids of the Year
04. Best Breasts of the Year
05. Best Abs of the Year
06. Best Ass of the Year
07. Best Legs of the Year
08. Best Face of the Year
09. Best Celebrity Sex Tape or Nude Candids of the Year
10. Hottest Social Media Post of the Year
11. Hottest Model of the Year
12. Hottest Athlete of the Year
13. Hottest Adult Star of the Year


14. Sexiest Overall Film of the Year
15. Golden Muff Award
16. Sexiest Movie Poster of the Year
17. Hottest Overall Actress of the Year
18. Hottest Ensemble Cast of the Year
19. Hottest On Screen Duo of the Year
20. Hottest Animated Minx of the Year
21. Sexiest Badass Character of the Year
22. Sexiest Fight Scene of the Year
23. Hottest Actress in a Drama
24. Hottest Actress in an Action/Adventure
25. Hottest Actress in a SciFi/Fantasy
26. Hottest Actress in a Comedy
27. Hottest Actress in a Horror
28. Hottest Actress in a Suspense/Thriller
29. Best Use of Swimwear in a Film
30. Best Use of Underwear in a Film
31. Sexiest Non-Nudity in a Film
32. Best Bare Ass in a Film
33. Best Nudity in a Film
34. Best Sex Scene in a Film
35. Best Lesbianism in a Film


36. Hottest Actress in a SciFi/Fantasy Series
37. Hottest Actress in a Mystery/Crime/Action Series
38. Hottest Actress in a Dramatic Series
39. Hottest Actress in a Comedy Series
40. Hottest Contestant of a Contest Reality Show
41. Hottest Female Cast of a Television/Cable Series
42. Hottest Non-Nude Scene in a Television/Cable Series
43. Hottest Nude Scene in a Cable Series
44. Hottest Sex Scene in a Cable Series
45. Cable Series Golden Muff Award


46. Hottest Singer of the Year
47. Hottest Music Video of the Year