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The 30 most beautiful, most talked-about, most successful women of the year.



THE HOT 30 OF 2008


Ok, I know many of you are saying wa-what? But c'mon no other woman caused such a stir this year than our almost Vice President. She is a super sexy MILF who hunts wolves from a helicopter so whats not to like. I can honestly say that there is no other politician I've ever been so attracted to in my life. If she'd become Vice President she would have been a lot higher on this list, but it was not to be. She may have lost the election this year but making this list should be consolation enough.

Palin in 2012? It would be the only time you would ever see her back on the hot 30.



The first official whore to ever grace the hot 30. If you don't recall Ashley's name, she was the high priced call girl that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was caught in nothing but a pair of socks with. Any girl sexy enough to make a Governor resign deserves a place in all our hearts and on this list. There was also a rumoured sex tape of hers floating around out there. Really? Just One?


The only girl on this list to win 5 medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and look cute as hell doing it. I know what you're thinking, but relax. Nastia was 19 at the time so feel free to feel only a little bit pervy. Is her gymnastics career over? If it is she definitely went out on top, but I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Check out Nastia's photo & video gallery


That's right everybody's favourite dance partner had another successful run of "Dancing With The Stars" in 2008. Not only is she the hottest dance partner you could ever hope for, but Julianne showed off one of her many other talents this year. No, not in the pages of Playboy. She released a country album. I was almost tempted to buy it, a feat Jessica Simpson couldn't even pull off, until I realized that I hated country music. I'm holding out for her hevey metal project "Dancing With The Gwar"


Katy Perry exploded onto the music scene in 2008 with her fantasy inducing single "I Kissed A Girl". Now the song itself is about as annoying as it gets, but I have to admit every time I heard it I couldn't help but picture hot chicks making out on the dance floor of a club. So for that Katy I thank you.

When I finally saw a picture of the woman behind the song I was impressed. Katy's got some killer legs, a cute face, and a pair of eyes. However, if she wants to make this list next year she's got to start dressing a little sexier. I mean c'mon Katy, lose the 50's pinup garb, not sexy.

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I'm not even really sure who Gemma Atkinson is or what she does. I'm pretty sure she's one of those insanely hot British women with giant breasts who dabbles in everything from modelling to acting. To be honest who cares, but it seemed like every week there were pictures of her popping up all over the net at various events just showing off what god gave her. Well god bless you Gemma, keep it up.


Our first returning hot 30 member from 2007's list. Kelly has moved up from spot 26 last year, and I don't know who could blame me. She just seems to get hotter and hotter everytime you see her. We didn't see as much of Kelly this year as we did in 2007, but she did perform in a play wearing nothing but a bikini, and she did dump Billy Zane. So 2008 was a good year for Kelly.

Check out Kelly's photo & video gallery


Here are a few things that will ensure you a place on the hot 30. First, have new photos of you in a bikini pop up onto the web every week. Second, in one of those photos have your father lather sun tan lotion all over almost bare ass and back. Third, get a crappy reality show to showcase you are just as hot as you are dumb. Oh, and have giant fake boobs, that always helps to.


This little firecracker came out of nowhere. I first saw her in the straight to video Day of the Dead at the beginning of the year. "Wow, that girl is pretty hot" I said to myself. Next up, a little horror/thriller called The Haunting of Molly Hartley. "There she is again," I thought. Then to my amazement she turns up on one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall season, "90210."

I can't wait to see where she's off to in 2009, but it wouldn't surprise me if she single handedly catches Osama Bin Laden, or cures cancer.

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One of the best asses you will see in show business today. Mena didn't have a banner year but she looked hot as hell in every single photo taken of her at an event and on the beach, which is not an easy thing ot pull off. The only draw back to these pictures is the half pint midget she's dating is usually situated right next to her. How there is a man alive shorter than she is I'll never know. It doesn't matter, I'm still jealous.

Check out Mena's photo & video gallery


2008 was a great year to be a Selma fan. First we saw her romping in her under wear in My Mom's New Boyfriend. Sure the movie sucked but her scene saved the day. Next, she returned as Liz Sherman in the fanboy favourite Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Meanwhile, all this time she was filming the sitcom "Kath and Kim" where she dawned incredibly sexy outfits in every episode.

Check out Selma's photo & video gallery


Sexy doesn't even begin to describe Miranda. She has the body of a godess and a face like a wood nymph. I'm not really sure what that is but I did play a lot of D&D as a kid and I remember something about them being so beautiful that just looking at them will kill you. If there is a woman on this planet hot enough to do that it's Miranda. I've already blacked out three times from staring at that picture.

Check out Miranda's video and photo gallery


Probably the famous model in the world right now. Giselle never looks bad in any photo. Even when she's photographed on the beach at 6am, wearing a baseball hat and a sweater that's four sizes to big and throwing a frisbee to her dog. Now that's beauty!

This year, nude photography of Giselle was sold at auction for $193,000. A higher amount than nude photography of Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Carla Bruni went for at the same auction . Don't worry, we'll have those pictures on Digitalminx in about 50 years.


The hardest working model today. Marisa was everywhere this year. I ran into her myself about three times, ok..... well, do dreams count?

Check out Marisa's gallery


I never thought I'd see a sexier terminator than Kristanna Loken, turns out I was wrong. I'm really surprised that show isn't more popular because it's not bad, and Summer is dressed up sexy as hell in every episode. It's the first time I've ever felt that way about a machine. Ok second time, but the toaster doesn't count because it didn't end well.


To be 100% honest, I'm not really sure who she is. I know she's on a show called "The Hills" which I wouldn't be caught dead watching. However, she sure can fill a bikini, and next year she'll be starring in the highly anticipated (by me anyway) direct-to-video sequel to Into The Blue, with Lauren Vandervoort. I smell a Minxie Award with her name on it already.


Last year Eva was number 3 on the hot thirty. I can't really explain the drop other than the competition is fierce. This year we finally got to see Eva naked, but in the pages of vogue. Sure it was sexy but it would've been sexier if she didn't have a bee hive on her head. She also shed her cloths for the sexiest PETA ad yet.

Check out Eva's photo and video gallery


The anticipation of a lesbian make out scene with Penelpe Cruz, was enough to land her at number 13. Even though the scene was cut way to short and dimly lit, the idea of it was enough to get you hot and bothered. When will we get to see her naked? Not soon enough.

Check out Scarlett's photo & video gallery


Moving up two spots from last year is a personal favourite, Kristen Bell. This year was a great year for Kristen. Not only did she have a great run on the tv show "Heroes", but she broke all our hearts in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Will 2009 finally be the year we get to see her dressed in the slave girl outfit in
? God I hope so!

Check out Kristen's gallery


Up from spot 19 last year. Heidi became even more annoying this year, but equally as hot. Between parading around with that fucking cumquat of a boyfriend, and that shit horrible attempt at a music career it was definitely a struggle to put her on here. Then I saw the music video for her first single off of that shit awful album of hers, and I must admit, with the sound down it's brilliant. Even though it was filmed by sir cumquat. If Heidi wants to make the hot 30 next year, she'll have to dump the boyfriend and start making silent music videos.

Check out Heidi's gallery


On to the big ten. Keeley is on here because Keeley has to be on here. It would be a crime punishable by death to leave her off. I'm not even sure what she did this year, but she's alive isn't she, so she's on the list.

Check out Keeley's photo & video gallery


Who is she? To be honest I don't even really know. She is a nude internet model of some kind. What I do know is she's hot as hell, and she seemed to grow in popularity this year. Google her name and see what you find, I garauntee you won't be disappointed.

Check out Denise's gallery


Kristen was launched into super-stardom this year playing Bella in the highly popular film adaptation of Twilight. For many years I have been a huge Kristen Stewart fan, I think she's gorgeous, and an incredibly talented actress to boot. She has one of the most beautiful faces you'll see in hollywood today, and I'm glad she's now finally getting the popularity she so readily deserves.

Check out Kristen's photo & video gallery


Don't let the name fool you. She's not a 75 year Ukrainian women who bakes small cookies and smells like chives. This little minx is becoming a hot commodity in the action film industry. Being a smoking hot Bond girl is a sure fire way to land on the hot 30, and Olga did it all without slipping into something more comfortable or sleeping with Bond. That's right if you haven't seen Quantum Of Solace, I'm sorry to ruin it, but Olga manages to resist Bonds charm.

Check out Olga's photo & video gallery


Last years number one drops back a few spots this year. Mostly due to the cooling off of the Haydenmania phenomenon of last year. "Heroes" dropped a little in it's popularity, but is still a decent show with Hayden remaining it's number one asset (no pun intended). She also had a couple of sexy film rolls in The Good Student and Fireflies In The Garden.

Check out Hayden's photo & video gallery


I used to be a fan of The O.C. There I said it. So I was happy with the rise in popularity for Rachel Bilson this year. It seemed like every week there were more pictures of her walking her dog. I ask you, how many pictures do we need of Rachel walking her dog? I much prefer pictures like the one of the left, let's try for more of those next year please.

Check out Rachel's photo & video gallery


What a year for fans of Mila. Not only did she give you sexy roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Max Payne, but her and Complex magazine are a winning combination. Those are amoung the best photoshoots of the year so I highly recommend checking them out at the link below.

Check out Mila's photo & video gallery


Shenae's hottness is not a new thing to us Canadians as she starred on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" for years. This girl is hot, but you yanks got jealous and had to steal her away. If you're not sure who Shenae is she's the star of the new "90210" series. I think she has a thing for remaking old teen dramas. I'm glad 90210 is a hit though so we get to see more of her every week.

Check out Shenae's photo & video gallery


Amber Heard exploded this year. No, not literally, her hotness is still very much intact. But she's one of the more popular actresses of the year. If you missed her check her out in the crappy teen fight drama Never Back Down & the Seth Rogen fueled Pineapple Express. They also finally released her 2006 film, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane on DVD, so check that out. Amber is going to be one to watch in 2009.

Check out Amber's gallery


Elizabeth Banks was literally everywhere this year. She had more jobs than a Jamaican. I swear to god I saw her collecting shopping carts at a wal-mart one night. Ok, maybe not, but here is a list of the films she appeared in this year; Definitely Maybe, Meet Dave, Meet Bill, Lovely Still, W, Zach & Miri Make A Porno & Role Models.

Elizabeth is a rare talent. You don't see too many women that hot who can make you genuinely laugh in a film. Her slate is a little light so far for 2009, but really she deserves a break. So far she's going to show off her range of acting ability by playing a crazy stepmother in The Uninvited.

I officially crown Elizabeth with the title of Digitalminx's hottest minx of 2008.

Check out Elizabeth's gallery



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